"if god, excuse me, only imagined us, we'd still think we were real, yes. they thought they were real. they lived for a day, like butterflies. they died not knowing."
NAME: Audrey Rudin Charlson

BIRTH NAME: Audrey Hope Rudin

BIRTHDATE / AGE: october 16, 1986 / 30

BIRTHPLACE: ashville, nc

RESIDENCE: boston, Massachusetts

STATUS: single

OCCUPATION: caption technician / part time bartender

If there was ever a definition of an oops baby, it was Audrey. From the moment her mother found out it she was pregnant, it was clear that her father wasn’t happy about it. The two struggled enough as it was, mostly because he was abusive and had a really expensive drug habit. They had moved to his hometown of Ashville after he had been hurt in a construction accident, which had turned into a habit of taking pills, which turned into whatever he could get his hands on. Shortly after Audrey’s birth he left them, without much word. He had really been cheating on Audrey’s mother for years, mostly with the woman that would get him the high he needed and now she was completely broke and trying to raise her children. She had thought about going to Boston where her sister lived but she was pathetic now, she didn’t even file for divorce, she just lived her life and tried to raise and support her children.

That part wasn’t going so well either when her son, Lucas, developed a pretty nasty drug habit of her own after his father had left. It caused a lot of friction in the family and Lucas hated that he had a new little sister and was surrounded by women. He would often lash out on Audrey, terrorizing her around the house because she was an easy target. She was always a very quiet girl and sort of kept to herself which meant that he would chase her out around the house, trying his best to scare her. One day he struck the little girl when he was high on heroin and Audrey didn’t tell her mom for fear that he would come after her again. Even though she was young she understood that her much older brother was someone to be feared.

When he was eighteen years old and Audrey was six years old, he died of a heroin overdose and Audrey found him on the floor. At first she thought that maybe he was playing some kind of cruel joke on her and that he was pretending to scare her but she watched him for a while and he never moved. She got her mother and that began a desperate downward spiral. Audrey’s mother had thought that maybe now she should move but her eldest daughter was in a school that she liked and she was a teenager who didn’t want to leave her friends. The plan was to let her finish out and graduate in two years. They wouldn’t see that date, though, and about six months after the death of Lucas, the family was in a car accident which left Audrey’s mother and sister dead and Audrey in a coma.

She was in a coma for a week before she woke up and realized that she was having problems with her vision. Debris had flown into her eyes during the accident and her once perfect vision was really clouded. She would have to wear glasses and have a couple of surgeries so she could get back to a somewhat normal life. She also had a hard time remembering who she was and anything prior to the accident. Her mother’s sister took her in and moved her up to Boston, where she already had a son and Audrey considered him to be her actual brother from day one.

Even though she had a hard life before she moved to Boston, Audrey didn’t remember much of it. She would have flashes, mostly in dreams, of her mother and siblings, but it wasn’t anything that she could ever see with any sort of clarity. Her personality didn’t change much, though, and she remained the quiet girl, one who was scared of loud noises and who kept to herself mostly. She would write a lot in journals and that’s how she wanted to present herself. She would write little poems and things like that and never show anyone for fear that they would hate it or her. Mostly, she spent a lot of her high school life being picked on in school for being so shy and wearing glasses. She was the weird loner that no one ever understood.

That was exactly why she didn’t go far from home for college and ended up studying Media Arts Production in college. She loved writing and wanted to write television scripts but she was also fascinated by how production worked. She would never ever get in front of the camera or anything like that but she enjoyed working on sets, being that silent but vital voice in what was going on. She even spread her wings a little in college and directed a few short films with very close friends who wouldn’t judge her for her quiet and sometimes wishy washy demeanor.

When Audrey got her job as a caption technician out of college she wasn’t sure if she would like it but she finds the work interesting. She’s still watching a lot of television and seeing a lot of writing on shows that works, some that doesn’t, and she’s trying to hone her skills. She still has a long way to go in terms of having some good networking skills, which is why she recently picked up a gig as a part time bartender to try and open up and interact. It’s been going fine but there are still moments when she feels completely overwhelmed.
Ruth Aldine, the blind, telepathic, prescient later known as Blindfold was a student at the Xavier Institute. Hated and feared like many other Mutants, and seen as an abomination by her elder brother, Luca. It resulted with him wanting to kill her, mistakenly however, he failed and killed Ruth's mother, the deceased body of which she was found next to. Later on in life towards her teenage years and finally learning to control her Mutant gifts while becoming more confident within herself, a fatal trip to her brother's death-row trial left Ruth Aldine scarred for life.

She was taken to the Xavier Institute as a teenager where she would learn to harness her precognitive and telepathic abilities.

  • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Media Arts Production (Emerson College, Graduated 2008)

    personality Audrey is a very quiet girl who takes a while to warm up to. She's always been a little skittish around new people and making new friends but it's gotten better for her the older she gets. Once you get to know her and she's friendly with you, she has a really dark and morbid sense of humor, which you wouldn't expect given the kind of trauma she's been through. She enjoys film and televison a lot and prefers dramas to comedies mostly because they typically fit in better with her sense of humor. She can be a bit socially awkward, especially in large crowds and with people she doesn't know, she will often be overly polite to compensate for it and to some people it's really annoying. She tries really hard though to be a normal person, she just misses the mark sometimes.